Raffaella Mattioli

September 2019

Over 50 Dance Company - Berlin 2019

May 2019

"Ieri ha chiamato Claire Moren" - Teatro Garibaldi - Palermo

May 2019

TL8+ Teatro Garibaldi - Palermo 29 Maggio

March 2019

Progetto Over 50 Dance Company - Gloria Pomardi - Roma

November 2018

Progetto Over 50 Dance Company - Adi Salant - TEL AVIV

Ottobre 2018

Progetto Over 50 Dance Company - Larrio Ekson - Paris

October 2018


23 September 2018

Rinascita - Aquila

July 2018

Over 50 Dance Company

26 e 27 June 2018

Tre Navate - Cantieri Culturali Palermo ...e io ti dico che sono pazzo d'amore...

27 May 2018

"Orto in Arte"

April 2018


April 2018

BLACKOUT - "Progetto Fotografico" di Gabriele Lentini e Raffaella Mattioli

Friday 1 and 2 November 2017



Spettacolo "Buonanotte alle farfalle" - Teatro Bellini, Palermo

November 2017

"Progetto Fotografico" di Gabriele Lentini e Raffaella Mattioli

Anno 2017

"Selezione del Progetto Fotografico" di Gabriele Lentini e Raffaella Mattioli

July 2017


July 2017

"Drummer boy" interpretato da Leonardo Sbragia

June 2017

"Buona notte alle farfalle" - Sala Montevergini - Palermo

June 2017

"Progetto Fotografico" di Gabriele Lentini e Raffaella Mattioli

June 2017

"Mai più" di e con Raffaella Mattioli

May 2017

"Progetto Fotografico" di Gabriele Lentini e Raffaella Mattioli

April 2017

"Progetto Fotografico" di Gabriele Lentini e Raffaella Mattioli

December 2016

"Progetto Fotografico" di Gabriele Lentini e Raffaella Mattioli

Wednesday14 December 2016


"Caffè Internazionale" ore 21.30, Palermo, Via San Basilio 37 - THEATRE WORKSHOP 8 + with Raffaella Mattioli and Wealth Falcone aims to bring to light the potential of each participant, open to all.

Anno 2016

"Rosencranz e Guildenstern"

Spazio Montevergini 2016, Palermo

Tuesday, November 1, 2016



Notte di Zucchero (Giornale di Sicilia - Tuesday, November 1, 2016)

Tuesday 1 November


October 2016 - June 2017


A Theatre Workshop directed and choreographed by Raffaella Mattioli with the collaboration of Ricchezza Falcone and other invited artists ( coreographers, actors, directors, set and costume designers......etc) . The workshop, to be held in Palermo, is divided into three parts:
  1. October-December - 2016
  2. January-March – 2017
  3. April-June - 2017
The workshop will be spread over one year, 2 days a week, 3 hours each of the two days. This yearlong project has three distinct objectives in each workshop:
  • October to December 2016: Who are we? Where are we going? Why are we here? These are the questions the participants will investigate while working on a free adaptation of Tom Stoppard's 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead' - -acting, singing and dancing.
  • January to March 2017: A fairytale is told through oneiric and 'fantastic' imagery. Movement and music are the main tools in this workshop.
  • April to June 2017: 'Intimacy': A video-film of what we do when we are alone is the outcome of the third workshop. A free adaptation of T.S. Eliot's 'The Wasteland'.
'Walk on By' is a ongoing 'work in progress' with, as goal, the objective for every participant to be able to express themselves through different creative formats. Some participants will attend one Session while others will choose to work on the entire yearlong project. In each Session all the participants will be involved in the ‘construction’ of the show - -from sets to costumes, to performing using many tools from theatre (acting, movement, voice etc), to dance, singing and being in a video shooting… The result will be a ‘company’ that will know each other both on stage and off. Members of the workshop will have the possibility of entering Mattioli’s extended company with the aim to perform in Italy and abroad. Regardless of whether one does one, two or three Sessions, each individual will have the opportunity, as the conclusion of the workshop, to perform one or several Public Performance(s) before an invited as well as regular audience.

NOTE: International dancers (professional and amateur) as well as passionate 'affectionados' from all walks of life and careers are welcome to the workshops ---- age is not a concern.
NOTE: Seront bienvenus aux laboratoires les danseurs internationaux (professionnels et non) et tous les amateurs à la recherete d'une expression artistiques dans leur vie ----- sans limite d'âge.

Working in progress


This workshop, lead and directed by Raffaella Mattioli, will take place at Palermo's beautiful Teatro Garibaldi.
'Masquerade' consists of a one-week (Monday through Saturday, 6 hours a day)intensive workshop concentrated on the creation, fabrication and use of masks on stage.
A mask is a ‘character' and it can be used in many different ways…But if there is nomovement it doesn't come ‘alive'. The way in which a person moves or employs themask on stage will say one thing or another to the audience...Through movementMattioli will explore the language and vocabulary of a mask - -how to carry themask, how does one enter the stage wearing/carrying a mask? How does onemanipulate the mask while on stage, what attitude does one/it carry?
The participants will begin with choosing a mask they wish to wear -- on their head orusing more of their body; then, under the guidance of Raffaella Mattioli and hercollaborators (such as film and theatre make- up artist Stefania Galatolo who will beadvising on the use of make-up on masks and artists), the participants will build theirmask by hand using a variety of materials. All the materials used will be recyclable- -from paper to wood, from string to metal...
At the conclusion of the workshop the participant will participate in a performance inwhich they will be able to communicate to the audience and the other characters onstage through the use of their mask.